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    4chan is a site consisting of multiple imageboards; a kind of commenting software where users can (and frequently are expected to) attach an image to their comment.

    The site is minimally regulated. Moderators police content that might result in damage to the site (e.g. child pornography), but are otherwise lax. A significant portion of site users take advantage of this laxity and delight in shocking others will all manner of offensive material.

    Speaking of the user base; they are a very large, very diverse group and arguably the originators of the moniker "Anonymous". (Traditionally, imageboards allow for but do not require user identification; so most posts are attributed to an anonymous user.)

    If I might borrow from tvtropes:

    "Take the worst or grimmest and darkest side of society, give them a place where all their sins are given free roam to be expressed, and collect it into a system that can just barely sustain itself and you get the Wretched Hive."
    Basically, it's the Mos Eisely Spaceport of the Internet.

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