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    The paintball and Airsoft markets use this sort of parts for their recreational/fake weapons. I used to have a paintball marker that was designed to accept aftermarket grips and stocks from the AR-15 series. So, selling the wrong paintball gun or plastic pellet gun to a minor sets you back six years in PMITA prison. A movie company coming to town with the wrong completely fake weapons is in danger of mass incarceration.

    The point is not that I expect the law to be enforced in that way or people to be tossed in jail for owning a pistol grip, it is that the law was so poorly thought out and badly edited that things like this made it to the level of final passage, and anyone with English as a first, second or maybe third language should have been able to do a better job.

    That's not the sign of a piece of legislation that was given even a cursory examination for flaws. And it is not like they threw this together overmight. It took a bipartisan effort over a period of months to make it that awful.

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