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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up 2013-04-20 (14 comments)

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    I'm here, but a little exhausted at the moment (from the last couple of days of cat-transporting) so I probably won't comment much in the thread tonight. (But if you're interested in what the verticals mention, please come back tomorrow night for the regular Sunday Puzzle diary.)

    Back to important things: all went well, the new kitty is back and happy, and does not even seem upset with me about all the car travel. (On Thursday he had a 25 mile car trip over to Dodson Branch. On Friday he had a 15 mile car trip into Cookeville to the spay/neuter clinic. And today he had a 15 mile car trip back to Dodson branch, 2 hours rest, and then 25 mile car trip home. And even though he complained vocally during the car trips, he was very good each time about letting me put him in the cat carrier.)

    In between cat-transporting i managed to uproot a lot of dandelions, a few weed trees, and a lot of brambles.

    Hope you all enjoy tonight's puzzle! (And if you hear gentle snoring while you're solving it, then I've probably fallen asleep.)

    9 out of 10 of Republicans have never visited Sunday Puzzle

    by Nova Land on Sat Apr 20, 2013 at 05:29:35 PM PDT

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