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  •  The Georgre, when I spoke of there being (4+ / 0-)

    many ways of "fleeing", I did not elaborate (on purpose).

    The post above by pragmaticidealist pretty much outlines the way I chose "to flee".

    In reality, it was not fleeing but rather a weighing, understanding & accepting.  Of what is & what cannot be.

    Much loving wisdom is contained within the offering by pragmaticidealist.  Especially so this:


    First, I would encourage you to consider the cost to your spirit, your mind, your heart and your serenity against the more material (and even sentimental) elements of the estate in question. It may be that the cost of fighting your brother on some or even many points is greater than the benefit of prevailing. If there are others involved in the distribution of the estate assets, that makes the calculus more complicated, but I'd still do the spiritual math after adjusting the formula to fit the situation.
    My own experience mirrored what you have written to some extent albeit one that involved other dramas, a foster "sibling", expansive estate & what felt like vultures circling as my last parent was dying.   No siblings-I was it-except for my parent's extended family (siblings, etal).  

    I let them have it all except for a few cherished mementos from my life with my parents.  

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