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    I work in Detroit and live in an adjoining community. In my observation, a lot of the problem with Detroit is that the City Council collectively sees its role as defending their own power and position, not as actually doing things to help the city survive. Time after time, they've shown that they would rather see the city's assets collapse in ruin than cede control to organizations that can provide the resources to maintain those assets.

    I am opposed to the Emergency Manager law, but I believe an Emergency Manager will do less damage to Detroit than the City Council has done.

    •  And what things can they do? (0+ / 0-)

      To my knowledge the only assets they've protected have been a) Belle Isle, and b) the Waterboard. They'd be fools to give up the waterboard because it turns a profit. With a $Billion budget they clearly can afford to maintain Belle Isle for $6 Million.

      What you are doing in this post is what pretty much everyone in the Southeast Michigan region does: you're assuming that since Council could theoretically have done better that it is possible for Council do well enough.

      This is simply not the case. There is no tax base in Detroit because per capita income is 1/3 of the region's, which means the City can a) have 1/3 of the cops, b) have cops willing to work for 1/5 of what snazzy suburbs like Grosse Pointe Shores pay, c) have triple the taxes, or d) muddle through and hope a miracle happens. Right now they're doing a) and c), but it's not enough because Detroiters can't actually pay triple the taxes of Dearbornites without starving to death so there's a healthy helping of d) muddling through and hoping.

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