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View Diary: You can buy all the guns you want, but don't you DARE try voting without a background check (116 comments)

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    Seriously, have you ever bought a gun?

    (This is from my state but it is typical) to buy a gun you must:

    If you want to purchase more than one firearm in one month, you must apply for a Multiple Handgun Purchase Certificate with the State Police.

    Provide 2 proofs of identity. The main proof of identity must be a unexpired vehicle operator's license with photo or any other identification that has been provided by the government.

    The ancillary means of identification must match the identity of the person that appears on the photo ID. (An example of an acceptable ancillary form of ID is a current passport, a utility bill, or a current voter registration card).

    Agree to a background check by signing the necessary consent form.

    Pay a processing fee if you are a state resident. The fee is slightly higher for out-of-state residents.

    Wait for the dealer to enter your information in the computerized National Instant Background Check System (NICS). If the dealer does not have access to the Internet, the dealer will call NICS directly. NICS will investigate your criminal history (if any) in as little as 2 minutes by accessing state and national criminal databases. If approved, the purchase of the firearm will be completed. If you do not receive approval, the purchase will be delayed until further review of your profile.

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