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  •  I think it's the small dailies and weeklies (3+ / 0-)

    that will be the ultimate survivors.

    People still want to know what's going on in their local communities.

    They want to know who's been arrested. They want to know how the high school JV basketball team did. They want to know what happened last night in the city council or school board meeting.

    And we're just not getting that, or getting that in detail, in the metro papers anymore. They've all cut staff too much to provide that level of coverage that used to be routine.

    Back in the day, I worked for several small dailies in Arkansas, and several weeklies in Alaska. I never worked as hard as on those weeklies, let me tell ya!

    Also: Those types of papers are the ones that can truly influence a community. Where I live now, you rarely see people with the Mercury News in hand.

    Yet, on publication Thursday in Homer or Valdez, you'd see 75% of the people on the street with the paper in hand.

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