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View Diary: CISPA passes U.S. House *again* - with aye votes from these CPC members (21 comments)

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    Brown Thrasher

    was a complete cypher before this and only got my vote for Not Being A Republican.

    Now that he's shown his true colors, I won't make that mistake next time.

    You may think that. I couldn't possibly comment.-- Francis Urqhart

    by Johnny Q on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 02:16:16 PM PDT

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    •  you're wrong about Derek (in general) (0+ / 0-)

      It takes a while to get up to speed in DC, and he's a real newbie there. But he's also very smart and very open and very educable.

      Write him a good, solid explanation of the underlying issues about CISPA. He'll respect your views and take them into account the next time he votes on the subject. I'm not saying that he'll necessarily choose to vote differently, but I am saying that he'll respect and listen to what his constituents care about. And I'm also saying that he'll use those comments to fully inform himself on the issues.

      [Disclaimer: I've known Derek for about a dozen years -- from his time living in Seattle before he and Jen went to Gig Harbor -- and consider him a friend.]

      Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration. -- K.Marx A.Lincoln

      by N in Seattle on Fri Apr 19, 2013 at 09:42:08 AM PDT

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