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  •  Modern Economy vs Democracy? (10+ / 0-)

    I think we can all agree that the essence of democracy is the impartial rule of law, and the control of their government by the people.   While Hamilton was wise in promoting the necessity of developing "national" institutions and a more unified nation economically, he could not have foreseen the current dominance of global corporations, the global financial sector, and the military establishment, and the advance in information technology.
    We are now at a point (just read the news) where these "entities" are actually in control of our nation.  Our elected representatives clearly serve those interests.  The top 1% of the most powerful and wealthy live in a "floating world" which is barely accountable to the rules which the masses must play by.  We can see very clearly that the crimes of international corporations and the ultra-rich are virtually never prosecuted.  But even these very rich individuals are merely cogs in the corporate machinery which expands and restricts our lives with no opposing for even imaginable.

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