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View Diary: Texas wants federal disaster aid it refused to give others (318 comments)

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  •  Help first, pound not much later (8+ / 0-)

    And not just over disaster assistance. Of course the Congress should send help quickly, but then everyone who voted for Sandy aid should use it as a club for pounding the heads of those who voted against. If anyone votes against both, pound them too, because their consistency comes at the expense of other people's lives.

    But then we need to pound the GOP for all the years of gutting OSHA so it can't begin to inspect every dangerous workplace. Same with any other regulatory agency that might have prevented the disaster if it had been allowed to function. The costs of this one disaster will probably wipe out all the savings from deregulation, even before considering the human cost.

    •  Needs to be strings attached for relief (6+ / 0-)

      First, this disaster was created by Free Enterprise and not a natural disaster.  Those big men who love free enterprise,  don't want regulations by OSHA and they don't want unions.  They only want to help themselves, but as soon as they fail, they want a bailout.

      B.S. to that.  There needs to be a new set of rules and funding for OSHA and other regulatory agencies before they get a dime.  Perry can get his big oil and chemical friends to chip in for this charity, if they won't agree to allow government organizations to regulate them.

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