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  •  Multitasking for Tuesday's Holmes in Space (6+ / 0-)

    Holmes, Watson, and their traveling companions, Otis and Evan, are riding the Reading Railroad on a giant game board, trying to find the stop with the stairs that will lead them out of Hell. Rye ergot fungus (the raw material for LSD) may be affecting some or all of their perceptions, though.

    Before Sherlock Holmes or I could respond to the disembodied voice's challenging remark, Otis said, "Look out in the corridor, getting off this train may be a little messy."

    Holmes looked through the interior window. Being that my eyes were still located in my mid-section (how embarrasing!) I had to stand on the seat. Two men in conductor's uniforms were painting the aisle barn red. One was cutting in the borders whilst his fellow followed behind with - what? - a broom? No, not a broom. Though it had a handle much like broom. But instead of bristles at the end, there was a cloth cylinder. And then, the cleverest thing happened. The second man poured some paint into a tray, submerged the cloth cylinder in the paint, rolled it free of the surplus, and then he began to apply the barn red covering to the aisle in wide swaths with the paint-saturated cloth cylinder. "Would you look at that, Holmes, I'd bet Mrs Hudson wishes that scallywag she hired last spring had had one of those, what do you call them...?"

    "A roller," said Evan. "Covers much more efficiently than a brush."

    "Ingenious," said Holmes, "Though I think, if anything, Mrs Hudson wishes "That scallywag" as you call hin had used an even smaller brush than he did. Could not you tell Watson, she was smitten?"

    "Now that you mention it Holmes, the quality of our meals did seem to suffer while the painter was there. But I attributed that to the paint fumes. They certainly got to me."

    "Really Watson? I rather enjoyed the effect myself."



    Strange that a harp of thousand strings should keep in tune so long

    by jabney on Thu Apr 18, 2013 at 07:26:50 PM PDT

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