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  •  Wonderful diary, keep them coming. (16+ / 0-)

    Cultivating wild plants is one of the greatest challenges when trying to start a project. As you said, those plants with a close human relationship are very easy to grow.

    Others require us to scarify, boil, freeze/thaw/freeze/thaw, and a whole host of other efforts to get them to germinate. Even then, some just refuse! But the rewards are spectacular.

    At my parent's place we are shifting to long-lived perennials for the forest garden. It is a slow shift as we are interested in pioneer plants to build soil before the canopy closes. The lengths we go through to get just get some of hundreds of seeds to germinate.

    Also, if I am not mistaken, the tradition of using sterile growing mediums to germinate our cultivated seeds may not always be suitable for wild plants. While I remain ignorant of the exact details, it is my understanding that there are chemical signals exchanged between seeds and soil organisms. Mycorrhizal fungi, for example, have been demonstrated to sense where a host seed is growing and begin to grow towards them to assist one another. It is all very fascinating.

    Sometimes I would simply mix companion plants together and sow them into the garden. If they are not eaten, they should eventually germinate since I've met their niche requirements.

    Talk about patience!

    Thanks again for this diary.

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