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    Just some comments, you are right that the people who lived in West but "needed the jobs" aren't at fault for the explosions.
    Most people there believe the GOP's lies. West is in a part of Texas with a history of racism and ultra-rightism.
    Just had an East Texan tell me "OSHA is what keeps us from having enough oil wells to make gas cheap".
    Yes indeed, Texas is a paradise for the well connected, well oiled, and business corporations, not so good for the working class. Or kids. Or schools. Or health care.
    I do hope the anti-government, anti-Sandy relief words come back to haunt the GOP legislators, but I doubt they will.
    Here at sleepy 79842 we voted 51-49 for Obama, a hundred voters here and our one vote did help, I guess.
    Texas gerrymandering and voter supression is the future of the rest of the USA, I'm afraid.

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