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View Diary: Could FBI Photo & Press Releases On TV Give Some Extreme Hate Groups A Reason For 'Witch Hunts'? (51 comments)

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  •  Media is now identifying the suspects as (2+ / 0-)
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    Leslie Salzillo, Kimbeaux

    Turkish or Chechen and at least one had a state issued driver's license.  I note the usual sources are calling for an immediate cessation of all Muslim migration to this country, along with a round-up of all Muslim non-nationals in the country, with a view towards deporting a fair number of them.  A few RW sources are also advocating the round up of "suspicious" Muslims who are citizens and investigations of all Muslims regardless of citizenship.

    The hysteria has begun again.  While terrorists frequently have murky motives or unclear goals beyond creating terror, if it is a given that these two suspects were involved, then the question must be asked if they were a pair of independents seeking what they saw as justice or part of a larger group, with a larger ideological agenda?

    I do note that the RW commentary no longer even attempts to tie any terrorism that is linked to Muslims to al Qaeda but instead refers to Muslims as a group as if all Muslims are members of al Qaeda  

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