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View Diary: Manhunt for second suspect in Boston bombing continues ... one suspect dead (503 comments)

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  •  Connection to the Sochi Winter Games? (0+ / 0-)

    One possibility here is that these Chechen terrorists attacked an international sporting event - the Boston Marathon - as part of a campaign to intimidate and undermine the planning of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Sochi is a couple hundred miles west of Chechnya and is in the vicinity of several other separatist battles (Ossetia, Abkhazia). That many of the separatists are Islamists and praise Allah doesn't mean they are necessarily Al Qaeda in the traditional sense. In other words, their motives may not be Bin Laden-like global restoration of the Caliph or some nonsense, but a more localized attempt to remove Russian and other non-Muslim powers in the Caucasus from the region. Just a theory...

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