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  •  Chechen Muslims are more political than religious (0+ / 0-)

    compared to Bin Laden's followers.

    Skim this page for their history--much for them to be wild about and to be determined to fight for independence, with crazy off-shoots seeking revenge:
    Muslim, yes, but seemingly more pressed about nationality:

    Great collage of Chechen faces, with helpful info about the Chechen people:


    In 1944 Moscow's oppression reached its apogee as all Chechens, together with several other peoples of the Caucasus, were ordered by Joseph Stalin to be deported en masse to Kazakhstan and Siberia and at least one-quarter and perhaps half of the entire Chechen nation perished in the process.[19][22][23] Though "rehabilitated" in 1956 and allowed to return the next year, the survivors lost economic resources and civil rights and, under both Soviet and post-Soviet governments, they have been the objects of (official and unofficial) discrimination and discriminatory public discourse.[19][24] Chechen attempts to regain independence in the 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union have led to the first and second war with the new Russian state since 1994.

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