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  •  Martial law? (0+ / 0-)

    Are people being arrested and prosecuted for going outside? Are they even really protesting? Most of the frustration I've seen is with the bombers who caused this scare, not the government that is seeking to protect people.

    It just seems a little extreme to me to call it "martial law." Rather, the city (seemingly led by local government and law enforcement but in conjunction with other military and law enforcement assets nationwide) has gone into "lockdown" for the safety of its citizens. Didn't it do that for a blizzard recently?

    I live in a hurricane state. When a hurricane is hitting, it is "illegal" (meaning you'll get fined at worst, not thrown in jail) to go out and about for your own safety and the safety of others. This is commonplace for many natural disasters. In the case of known bombers who have already had a firefight in the streets, thrown explosives, and may have planted more, a city going into lockdown may be a NEW use of this but it doesn't seem unreasonable or without any kind of precent to me.

    The police want to be able to do their job as safely as possible and the city wants to keep its people safe. "We're asking the people of the city to please sit tight and not open their doors to anyone but law enforcement" isn't exactly martial law to me. It's public service.

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