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  •  Don't recall the exact model (4+ / 0-)
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    reddog1, kurt, ER Doc, RiveroftheWest

    but a friend had a Maule M(?)-5 in which I flew many a hunting trip in bush Alaska. The best was on skis in winter. Holy smokes, put her down and slide and slide and slide. Plus you are closer to the ground than on wheels or floats. Spooky. I seem to recall people saying the Maule flew on its engine, not its wings. Maybe different with a STOL kit.

    Did several STOL's in a Super Cub with another friend. He always had to be careful where he landed. He wanted 600 feet to take off loaded but could land on stuff he'd never get back off of, about 150 feet was what I remember. It felt like hovering in a kite when that thing took off or landed. Caribou and Dall sheep trips in the Brooks Range; heady stuff.

    •   the Maule flew on its engine ? (2+ / 0-)
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      ER Doc, realalaskan

      Well, engine and wings work together... More power = faster acceleration on takeoff, bigger wings + flaps  = slower approach and better control in touchy situations. We liked the Maule in the Colorado Rockies because flying up canyons was safer if you could go slow and have room to turn, and power to yank and bank and climb if you needed to...and the big wings + power meant random downdrafts were less of an issue - just like in Alaska....

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