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View Diary: News of Boston, via Charles P. Pierce (14 comments)

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  •  as happens in so many cases, these brothers (11+ / 0-)

    appear quite mundane from this article, noting some of their biography

    From Debbie Schussel on, I note the media has already seized upon the al Qaeda meme, stating the brothers were adherents of an "extreme version" of the al Qaeda philosophy, whatever that means.

    Most Americans are unaware of the vicious war between separatist Chechnya and Russia, whose savagery equaled anything WWII or the Revolution produced.  The country was leveled and the rebels decimated.  We mostly heard about Chechen strikes on Russian soil instead of the other.

    As the anti Muslim media gins up for another run at  al Qaeda, I would point out that almost all terrorist groups in the world have had connections of convenience so  even groups that may be in ideological conflict will still cooperate for training, drug running, money laundering and gun smuggling among other activities.  Therefore, in its heyday, bin Laden's al Qaeda had contacts to such disparate groups as the ETA and IRA among others

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