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View Diary: Who Has the Courage to Stand with Gabby? (25 comments)

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    I didn't mean that it would take courage from me.  It is natural.  I'm an old Quaker who has been agitating since I was about 15.  It is what I need to do.  We all need peace and kindness and to have wrongs set right.

    I have a cluster of autoimmune diseases including MS for over 30 years and it has me more or less immobilized.  I can call, write emails and talk to people I happen to encounter in person.  But I wish I could do more.    Gabby Giffords has the real courage.  I remember how it felt the first time I got smacked in the head good and hard.  I went right back but it was an effort.  We don't fight back.  Quakers are non violent.  I can't even guess how bad her residual emotional effects might be, but there she is out in public and helping others.  

    Thank you for the kind responses, ridemybike, we do have to stand.  All of us and do what we can.  Thank you too, white blitz you gave a chance to seem less lame.  I admire you and I'm counting on you to do some standing and walking for me.

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