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View Diary: Anti-Chechen Racism Unbridled (152 comments)

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  •  Keep in mind that the USSR (Soviet Union) (0+ / 0-)

    was collapsing. Free fall. Corruption, greed and lawlessness was rampant during Yeltsin years. Many regions "forced" their independence. Some got it (Georgia, Ukraine...). Other did not get (Chechnya....). I think Chechnya had some natural resources i.e. oil... and people in Moskau didn't want to let it go without a fight.

    It didn't help that they were muslims and the "Red Army" fresh out of Afghanistan.

    The comments above from "zip95843" are actually in context. But the real reason why they did not get their independence is probably a State secret in Moskau.

    One thing is sure, Putin knows the truth. But do you trust him?

    •  And keep in mind that El'tsin was "our boy," (0+ / 0-)

      subsidized and advised by US neocons, who welcomed what he was doing to disassemble the USSR and transfer its wealth to the New Oligarchs.

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