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View Diary: If Boston had more assault rifles, something something something (364 comments)

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    What would those "Boston liberals" do with those hypothetical AR-15s? Rush out into the street and start shooting up their neighborhood?
    That is EXACTLY what this entire shameful farce of a gun "debate" is all about. Conservative men and their puerile fantasy about being fucking Jack Bauer.

    You know, if I happened to live in Boston and look vaguely like a young Bob Dylan, I would be deeply thankful that the police have shut down Boston. Because absent that, I would be terrified that some bozo with a Bushmaster would just shoot me dead, convinced he had just shot Dzhokhar Tsarnev and deserved a medal.

    It's about the fantasy of being the hero. Armed with magic guns and magic bullets that only ever hit the bad guys and never, ever miss.

    We have senatorial clowns standing up on the floor of the US senate, whining that laws won't stop criminals. Because we only have laws that PREVENT crime entirely. No laws ever define crime or delineate acceptable behavior or possessions. Nope any law that doesn't ELIMINATE a given crime should be abolished. Like laws against owning explosives or child porn. As long as the law doesn't ELIMINATE the crime entirely, the law shouldn't exist.

    Just a point here: In Colorado alone, background checks have prevented more than 2,000 felons from buying weapons in gun shops and led to 236 arrests. But background checks won't stop crime. Nosirree-bob! The NRA fairy told me so!

    In Australia, strict gun laws have led to zero, ZERO, mass killings since 1996 and significant reductions in gun crime and suicides. To put that in perspective, in the 18 years prior to 1996, there were 13 mass shootings in Australia. So there is a good chance that, in the 17 years since, Australia has been saved from a dozen mass shootings. If only America could say the same. But since all crime everywhere hasn't been prevented, Australia might as well just hand out free guns at supermarkets. Because gun laws don't work. The NRA fairy told me so!

    How can this nation have a reasonable debate about guns, about ANYTHING, if one side is free to just make shit up and call the other side's proven facts to be lies? What has happened to America that the default position of any debate is that both sides are simply lying and truth is utterly un-knowable? How can any society exist under such an inane belief system? This is a direct result of conservatives using propaganda, the art of the criminal con, to support their entire ideology.

    America is doomed, indeed all of civilization is doomed if the most basic principle of humanity, thought itself, is rendered valueless. Because absent truth, thought is just wasted brain. We might as well just be dogs. Oh, heck even dogs rely on truth. We might as well just be rocks.

    At least rocks don't die if you shoot them.

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