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  •  I've learned a lot from your series. (3+ / 0-)

    Even if the notion of an apology seems remote to me, if it's real to you then it's real to me and that's enough for me to listen and learn to understand on your terms. The process of talking, and listening, and the back and forth is vital.

    There's the "we" as a diverse group of individuals and there's the "we" as in one society. The public US has been Thatcherized and Reaganized sufficiently to dispel and systematically eradicate connections with the "we" of society so much that social media seems to stand out as it arouses "social" impulses again, albeit from an organic perspective.  

    Generations of individual Americans will come an go before/if the endless flow of poorly or un parented children ever stops. Millions - a consistent 2% to 4% of the 4million born per year - of us are monstrously treated, neglected, abused, exposed to parental stress or anger, raised with the panic button stuck on, many by children with their own panic buttons stuck on. Hell, a disconnection to history pales in light of the disconnection to any narrative from which a life can be functional. We do OK on the whole, but nevertheless, matrilineage and patrilineage are not stellar American assets!

    Since we start out with such a large population - 10 x Canada's, 6x So. Africa's - 4% annually is a huge cohort of trouled, disconnected people.

    We have to embrace the "we" of our society, value and cultivate it, establish a core set of common virtues and mutual responsibilities. While children grow and when youth embark into life on their own they need to know they're part of something bigger because too many are coming from nothing good unprepared for nothing good.

    •  Yes - good to explore the "we" (2+ / 0-)
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      kck, Yasuragi

      I do think that other places are equally diverse, perhaps not "racially' but there are certainly ethnic divides (along with class and gender)

      And yes "we' are massive in size, though I do think there is some type of (nebulous perhaps) overarching identity as U.S. citizens.


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