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View Diary: Are Chechens Really White? Racial Formation Theory and the Boston Marathon Bombing (207 comments)

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  •  Um, I didn't actually ask you for citations or (1+ / 0-)
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    links. I just said you needed to do more than make flat assertions. I can see how you interpreted it that way though.

    I'd like to dial this back a bit if possible. I suspect that we are, to some extent, talking at cross purposes. Let me try to clarify.

    I am most certainly not arguing that modern, color based racism predates the age of European imperial expansion. What I am saying is that you cannot arbitrarily separate that development from its ideological and cultural antecedents. The underpinnings of modern racism didn't suddenly fall from the sky with the advent of colonialism or the trans Atlantic slave trade. Rather, the seeds for them were contained in pre-existing notions of race/ethnicity.

    Now you asked for links/citations and I, quite wrongly, responded by raising the issue of hypocrisy. I should not have done so. You are completely entitled to make that request. So here is a link that should give you a fair example of what I'm talking about.

    As you can see, certain key elements that would come to characterize modern racism as well as intra-European racism predated the advent of Imperialism.

    Where we may have a genuine difference of opinion is on the significance of such facts. With the assumption of good faith on both our parts, we might have fruitful discussion on that score.

    Nothing human is alien to me.

    by WB Reeves on Fri Apr 19, 2013 at 07:19:10 PM PDT

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