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View Diary: Average guy sleeps with 17 women in his lifetime? (93 comments)

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  •  I almost believe it... (none)
    >fundamentalists who only sleep with one person in their lifetimes

    yeah.. right. I have to believe that most fundamentalists probably don't tell the truth about their sex lives.

    >celibate clergy who actually stay celibate

    they might have had sex before becoming clergy

    >smelly nerds who don't get ass

    you won't believe how much they actually get!

    >workaholics who claim they don't have enough time to get laid

    they lie to make it look like they work hard

    >homosexuals (remember, it says "women," not "people")

    a lot of us have tried

    >guys who haven't hit 10 by the time they get married, and don't cheat on their wives after that

    what, like the 1%?

    ok, so i'm being cynical, I think 92% is high... but I do believe its more than 2/3rds....

    "If you and I think exactly alike, one of us is unnecessary" "at least bleeding heart liberals have one"

    by wclathe on Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 04:35:24 PM PDT

    •  um... (none)
      >homosexuals (remember, it says "women," not "people")

      a lot of us have tried

      I think once you hit 10, it's a little beyond TRYING.

      •  I wouldn't... (none)
        I have had several gay friends and the story is pretty universal: They try like hell to "be normal" (mostly due to family/societal pressure as per my friends) until at some point they decide it just aint worth it.

        Hell, one of the guys I worked with as an EMT was engaged before he decided the charade wasn't worth it. (And from what he says he was a pretty big "man-slut" (quoting him) in high school and college...all women, even if he found their bodies ugly and fantasized about men)

        Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity, only not as much fun.

        by Toktora on Wed Jun 08, 2005 at 05:37:48 PM PDT

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        •  your story (none)
          It doesn't contradict the point I was making. Putting on the "normal" charade goes way beyond just trying it out for the sake of doing it.

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