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View Diary: Average guy sleeps with 17 women in his lifetime? (93 comments)

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  •  I doubt I know anybody, (none)
    male or female, who has had fewer than 10 sex partners.  Then again, I am Generation X and my contemporaries had the good fortune to be starting their sexual adventures before AIDS arrived on everyone's radar screens in the mid Eighties.  It would not surprise me if Gen Xers typically have more sex partners than Boomers or Gen Y.

    The idea that almost all men (I think 92% counts as "almost all," doesn't it?) have had more than 10 partners does seem dubious, though.  I will have to venture that some men are inflating their numbers for whatever complex social reasons men often do that and women often do the opposite.

    Funnily enough, I was thinking just this morning that it would be interesting to do a poll with brackets like:

    0 sex partners
    1 sex partner
    2 - 5
    6 - 10
    11 - 20

    and so on.

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