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View Diary: The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Presidential Library (21 comments)

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  •  Nixon Library faced many conundrums, eventually (4+ / 0-)
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    after his death, and I've never gone there so I can't be sure, but it sure sounded like in recent decades since his death, there have been curators hired there to bring in some of the sad truths and facts, to as the museum has said, fill in the full picture and show both the good and the bad. Should take a lot longer for the GWB Library to ever be like that, but the irony is that with these foul GWB Neocon types, they often leave the door open and then are horrified when their door opening allows an embarassing truth or two. 'Course then they close that door shut, get out the bleach and whitewash to paint over the inconvenient truths, and go back to more lies with another silly pridefull door open elsewhere.

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