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  •  'mornin, James (18+ / 0-)

    Are you going to make it down to the Bay Area for NN13?  I am looking for reasons to attend.

    I'm working on a bunch of stuff around the house and the Valley,  none of which I get paid for.

    The famous passive-solar adobe chicken house is finally getting its final skin over the raw adobe.  2 inches of salvaged rigid foam insulation panels then covered with conventional cement-based plaster (stucco).  While it is all scaffolded up for this,  we'll also finish out a little soffit trim and apply the metal roof panels.  With that done,  the building will far outlive me.

    Gardens going, with the first sprouts just showing.

    The rototiller that died because of a seized transmission is now a pile of parts waiting to be installed on a new transmission/frame coming from Sears.  Once it is all back together, then I will attempt the dis-assembly of the sealed-unit dead tranny and see if I can figure it out and then get it all put back together.  I don't expect to be able to accomplish this, but it will be educational to try.  The machine is only a couple of years old,  so it should be almost good as new with the old parts on the new tranny/frame.

    The irrigation season has started with not enough water to fill both the valley's ditches, as we had little in the way of high country snow this winter to feed our river.  They say we are at around 30% of whatever passes for "normal" around here.  We are in the worst drought anyone around here can remember.

    Thanks to you and all the Gang for keeping the Shop going.

    don't always believe what you think

    by claude on Sat Apr 20, 2013 at 06:29:23 AM PDT

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