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    I've been in city council meetings where the council members are unresponsive to community pain. They looked as if they were only sitting there to let family and friends scream and blow off steam ... but there was no trial and the city is now paying pension to the killer.

    And there were police and their supporters who were, in essence, saying they're heroes because they're heroes, because all police are like the police who are heroes.

    And I'm afraid that even more so that when a racially profiling local bad-apple cop is racial-profiling (locally and elsewhere) and the Black/Hispanic/poor/protesting person objects the bad-apple cop is going to escalate, demanding, you ungrateful perp. I'm a hero. You're supposed to be like those cooperating Bostonians who OBEYED their hero police.

    Even though the cop is being a tin god and had no reason for the stop.

    So in that way I'm not upset about the police action in Boston -- it seems they were doing things right. What I'm objecting to is the opportunism of the mainstream media which is portraying it as "lockdown" and "paralyzed" (when I don't think that is an accurate description) and it's going to be cynically used. :(

    Possibly the posts you are objecting to, the writers have local experience with cops who have lost community respect, for good reason, with cops that have impunity and take advantage.

    And I see "police" as an agent of the "state".

    Giving birth (giving life) should be a gift not an obligation or women and poor people are 2nd class by definition

    by julifolo on Sat Apr 20, 2013 at 07:27:58 AM PDT

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