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View Diary: Unpublished US Report on Climate Change creating a "global food crisis" made public (82 comments)

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  •  Don't give up on minor seeming actions (12+ / 0-)

    It all matters.  Higher efficiency lighting makes a significant difference, and we are finally seeing real improvements in LED lighting.  Driving less and with more efficient cars also matters.  New battery technology is about to be revolutionary.  Even the growing food waste composting movement matters.

    What matters even more is the continuing switch from fossil fuels in electrical generation to wind, solar and other more sustainable sources.  We need a rapid growth rate for this process, and so far we are seeing a rapid growth rate.  We should have started this sooner, but at least something is happening now.

    The needed degree of coordinated action is lacking for now, but that doesn't mean that progress isn't being made.  It's too late to prevent negative effects from climate change.  They are already happening.  But it's not too late to make a difference that will prevent the worst effects.

    "Trust only those who doubt" Lu Xun

    by LookingUp on Sat Apr 20, 2013 at 07:24:35 AM PDT

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    •  Advances in carbon sequestration (9+ / 0-)

      We can think of carbon sequestration as a type of agricultural technology. If we manage our grazing lands and croplands appropriately, it may be possible to transfer carbon from the atmosphere into the soil at a scale large enough to be significant in the climate picture.

      It would be nice to think humanity has a future beyond the next 20 years or so. Avoiding a climate catastrophe would certainly help in that regard. However, we would also do well to recognize that even if there were no climate crisis, we are still approaching (or already past) ecological limits as a species.

      Sooner or later, we're going to need to evolve a different way of living on this planet. Whether that way is more vicious and savage or more inclusive and humane, there are going to have to be fewer of us, consuming fewer resources and generating less waste products, so that the rest of the biosphere can maintain a state consistent with the conditions that we have evolved to live in.

      Personally, I favor 'more humane', but that could just be me :)

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