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View Diary: Why Wingers Hate Boston Wasn't Worse (159 comments)

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  •  And yet much of the expressed reaction (5+ / 0-)

    carries past immediate threats to nest or territory, things that matter greatly to reptiles and their distant cousins, the birds.

    I was just thinking that abstract thought MIGHT not always help keep the peace:

    Human toddlers develop an abstract awareness that irritating things MIGHT be taking place outside their immediate sphere of awareness and this disturbs them too. The distinction between abstract imagination and actual provocation is lost on them. The outrage (to caregivers) is explicable but almost irremediable. It simply must be endured until the toddler can be diverted (albeit briefly from adult vantage) to something, anything that's not Whatever It Was That Riled Them So.

    I wonder how this plays out.  :)

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