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  •  You got me thinking (and rambling) (0+ / 0-)

    --about the ancients' "Call no man happy until he is dead",
    --about Job's happiness, resented and cut short, power being a condition of shared survival...[I was struck by Answer to Job many years ago],
    - and our conquering foreparents' demanding respect and adoration for their culture, as a condition for happiness and even survival.
    I admire the urgency of your diary and comments, and share your optimism about welcome signs in this crisis.
    I guess its the word progress that put me off [especially as in progressive v. conservative]. There's no roadmap now at multiple  levels, no established Way, no guiding authority.

    Human heritage and achievements have always had to be recontextualized to meet the challenges of the next time. The conquest of nature, world views/beliefs, respect for State Authority, Individual Freedoms.., forms of social organization. All have, again and again been reprioritized and remade.

    We now know time is short. What's needed is for all of us (humans) to set aside our favorite props and find the way to make life possible for our grandchildren, their grandchildren, and so on.
    If we dont, it wont be.

    Sorry to be late with this. Caregiving 24/7

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