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View Diary: Miranda Rights and the Bombing Suspect (106 comments)

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  •  Meh, that's not the reason, though. (2+ / 0-)

    Gov't claiming 'public safety exemption'.

    The miranda right though, is only the right to be read the list of rights you already have.  You still have them, even if no one tells you you have them.  And he's been here a decade already, so he probably knows them - most people know at least the very basics, silence and a lawyer.  So really, the only thing choosing to go down the 'exemption' path does is give ammo to his lawyer in any potential trial to try and get any evidence they collect before that point struck down.  On the other hand, there's so much other evidence already that I don't think anything he says is going to make the difference at trial.

    •  Meh yourself . (2+ / 0-)

      Reading right to a person who isn't in a state to hear them doesn't bother me one little bit . Why they say they are not reading them to him isn't really all that important to me . If it came up in court that he was read his rights when he was out of it with pain , drugs , etc , they might have a case .

      For people to be upset that a wounded person who has has flash bangs tossed at them to disorient them hasn't had the miranda warning read to them on the way to the hospital to get wounds taken care of ...

      If its true that he was bleeding out , he might not have been in any shape to hear and understand .

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