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View Diary: Did the NRA block the use Explosive Taggant Technology? (13 comments)

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  •  A good diary but... (0+ / 0-)

    it left out a few conclusions and recommendations made in that report.

    It made several conclusions...

    ....Finding: No tagging system has been fully tested to demonstrate its technical feasibility for use in all types of black and smokeless powders
    emphasis mine

    Certainly it worked in some, the report outlines that there were several other types that it didnt work with.

    ultimately the report made the following recommendation

    RECOMMENDATION: Identification taggants in black and smokeless powder should not be implemented at the present time.
    emphasis in original document

    they also said:

    RECOMMENDED ACTION: Research should be conducted to develop and test taggants that would be technically suitable for inclusion in black and smokeless powders should future circumstances warrant their use.
    I have no doubt cost was a factor in their conclusions and recommendations, but the report itself is adequate proof that it wasnt the entire reason. The real question in my mind is, if the report called for more research, where is that research? Did this just all get forgotten?

    Surely in the interim between now and then, we could have devised a taggant that was compatible with all forms of black and smokeless powders, and then imposed that requirement.

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