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  •  Jay Nixon, black democratic legislators and redist (3+ / 0-)
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    While I understand Skaje's sensitivity regarding broad generalizations about African Americans and redistricting, it is, unfortunately true in this case that not only Clay and Cleaver, but also black democrats in the Missouri legislature colluded with the republicans to produce the current map.  During the process, my current state senator, Jamillah Nasheed proclaimed "I'm black before I'm a democrat" in defending this rather blatant process of carving up the map in its current form.  Those who were really paying attention here in Missouri know that Gov. Jay Nixon  also threw his party under the bus during this process.  The plan was not passed until the final days of the legislature, meaning that he could have simply left it on his desk (a "pocket veto" for my fellow political nerds) and the legislature would have expired before the veto could be acted on, throwing the process to the courts, which would have almost certainly given us at least a somewhat more favorable map (it certainly couldn't have been worse).
    Instead, he vetoed it immediately, giving the legislature plenty of time to override it by rounding up just enough black democrats to give them the votes they needed.  Without those black democrats, they would have come up short.

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