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    The picture just above this caption , 'View of travertine wall looking up from Mooney Falls', is totally awesome!!  The eroded stone looks like a waterfall itself!

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      nchristine, I'll share a little story with you and our community about how Mooney Falls got its name. . .his name was Jim Mooney, I believe, who was a miner at the turn of the century, or sometime around that time, and he was on a boatswains' ladded working beneath the upper part of the falls and the rope got stuck. Well, for a couple of days he and his pals couldn't get the ladder down or up and that's where Mooney sat and waited and look down at a great distance on the inside of the thundering falls. Imagine what that sounded like, too. Well, on the third day, I think it was, either the lad fell, jumped or made an attempt to climb down the falls, then slipped. His body lay in the pool of water, somewhere around one of the built-up travertine pools. The guys couldn't find a way down to that part of the Redwall, the lower half, and had to leave his body. The next year they came back and managed to find a route down to that lower sector and retrieve Mooney's body. Only it was already richly coated with travertine. And that's what travertine does, besides: it coats everything that is stationary, even twigs, leaves, slow-moving bugs (just kidding about that). Anyway, thanks for posting you comment. And, yes, travertine is awesome, but if you fall on the stuff you either break skin, bone or the injury turns fatal. It's hard as a rock!

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      by richholtzin on Sat Apr 27, 2013 at 08:33:37 AM PDT

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