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    About ten years ago my then 10 YO son and I made this trip with an Austin-based anthropologist guide (and some of my son's classmates) whose PhD was on prehistoric earthen cooking practices.  He'd made the trip several times and knew many of the local guides and wranglers in Supai.  

    Beauty aside, and there is plenty of that, the single lasting image in my mind will always be our first contact with native villagers upon our initial sighting of the sentinels.

    They were two barefoot youngsters strolling along the path coming towards us, having just left the village.  They were both 5-8 YO and hugely overweight.  One was drinking from a 32 oz plastic bottle of soda and the other noshing from an open bag of Cheetos (or some such).  

    Richard, our guide, explained that every food product the villagers ate was helicoptered in and came from either a box, a can, a bag or a bottle.  He said there wasn't a chicken or a cow on the reservation nor a single vegetable garden.  

    Somewhere along the way these people had lost virtually all trace of their heritage.

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