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  •  Overt Vs Covrt terrorism (0+ / 0-)

    This issue of 'Terrorism' or 'GWOT' is a multilayered complex issue.

    Lets look at history and try and determine which 'people' have terrorized which? how have those injustices been addressed? Few have been even acknowledged let alone been atoned for.

    So What is terrorism?

    One mans terrorist is onothers' freedom fighter, I have heard that said many times over. No wonder many folks could not care less when Mrs Thatcher passed - good riddance they said. Why? She was a supporter of state sponsored terrorism.

    Also Overheard "The Western world commits covert terrorism via the one sided economic stranglehold they exert over the rest as they disproportionately exploit the resources of the world"

    As long as historical injustices remain unresolved (I-P issue for instance), there will always be folks with grievances whose only outlets will be to recklessly and violently protest.

    Its something we just have to live with.

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