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  •  Of Shoes and Shacks (8+ / 0-)

    The overdue space flight and the thing with the shoe shops were based on personal experiences that really annoyed Adams.  So he turned them into comedy.  How well the satire works, obviously is a matter of opinion, but I'll agree that the business with the shoes probably takes up more of the plot than it really deserves.

    I was going to mention one thing about the Old Man in the Shack that I didn't get to because (as usual) I was writing right up to the deadline.  He was actually mentioned way back at near beginning of the series; (or at least someone very like him).

    There's a bit in third episode about a university student named Veet Voojagig, who theorized that whenever you lost a biro, (a type of ball-point pen), it actually fell through tiny wormholes in space in order to migrate to a planet wholly inhabited by biro-based life-forms.  He went further to say that he had actually found this planet.

    When one day an expedition was sent to the spatial coordinates that Voojagig had claimed for this planet they discovered only a small asteroid inhabited by a solitary  old man who claimed repeatedly that nothing was true, although he was later discovered to be lying.
    I doubt this was originally meant as anything more than a throwaway gag, but Adams seems to have used it as the basis for the Old Man in the Shack scene.

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    by quarkstomper on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 05:49:26 AM PDT

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