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  •  "Rites" (0+ / 0-)

    Sorry, Petral and everyone else! I was just re-reading here (trying to figure out how some higher numbered chapters are now BELOW some other lesser numbered chapters, but, hey, it's a learning process, right? Right....? Please, not the face!)

    and noticed I had written "rites" rather than the correct "rights".

    Has no one told you I'm somewhat of a moron? Alas, I do pride myself on my spelling, and knowing which synonym to put where, but you also must know  that I have been bailing out my home for three days straight now, getting cat naps, and boy howdy, my back feels like a lonely Bengal Lancer chucked his bengal lance right into my back.

    Ergo: pain is in no way responsibility for my making such a mistake. I 'umbly apologize.

    No, really!

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