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  •  I agree on all your points (9+ / 0-)

    Particularly that it is all in your dreams and that is a crying shame.

    Enough of this private profit and public losses.  I wouldn't be surprised if on paper the owner of this company is creating another one then the company whose facility blew up could sell whatever assets remained, I'm thinking materials that were enroute to the facility, customer lists and other intellectual properties it might own.  All so that there really is nothing left.  The proceeds from the sale would go to paying the CEO last check too and everyone else be damned.  I'm not saying it has or it will, I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

    I also agree with the diarist, West, TX, if not completely avoidable, could have been mitigated so the the town still existed and there were no deaths.  I've been thinking about that for a while too.  The West, TX tragedy didn't have to happen.  It should not have happened.

    I want to help the people of Texas but I'm conflicted because they elected these clowns who put money over everything else and they are the ones who wanted smaller government.  Don't they have to live with the consequences of their decisions?  This was preventable, they elected people who didn't care about that.  

    Then I remember TX doesn't spend a lot on education and if you keep them dumb it is easier to manipulate them.  And some elected officials will promise one thing during and election and delivery something totally different.

    Well, I guess we are all in this boat together, but must they vote against their own interests?  Voting your own interests, that is the way keep your freedom in a democracy.

    Being against gun control makes it really, really, hard to believe you are a prolife family values kind of person..

    by fromma on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 01:12:29 AM PDT

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