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  •  I was having an analogous sleepless couple of (5+ / 0-)

    nights thinking about something similar.  

    David Waldman's "Gunfail" series has gripped me with a feeling that all these thousands of gun "accidents" and "tragedies" can be laid at the feet of the NRA and of Republican authorities who fetishize guns at the expense of everyone else's lives.  And yet we go on about our lives as though this were just part of doing business, just part of the price we're supposed to pay for just existing.  We go about our lives accepting this and not regulating guns so that some idiot with a gun should be allowed to wave it around and misfire it, or leave it out so kids can find it, and this is supposedly something necessary for us to be Americans, and thus such incidents are and should stay utterly unpreventable.  But what the NRA and politicians in their grip are doing is tantamount to criminal action against the American people.  They are conspiring to create a national situation in which thousands of people are going to be killed--- and yet somehow the NRA's and the politicians' doing so is to be treated as the farthest thing from criminal?

    That idea consumes me with frustration and fury when I see how much money and media attention were dedicated to hunting down the Tsarnaev brothers, and when I hear how much conviction people have in their voices when they say that the brothers needed to have been better controlled and prevented from being able to make bombs.  They should have been less "free" to return to a part of the Russian federation (as Tamerlan did for a little while) and to assemble bombs.  And yet when dozens of people are gunned down time after time in shooting sprees, and when thousands of people gun each other down in accidents and misfires that could have been prevented through tighter regulation on the circulation of guns, we are supposed to say nothing at all.  We are supposed to claim, all of us, with complete conviction that these things are necessary for American "freedom."

    That's one more thing to add to my long list of small problems. --my son, age 10

    by concernedamerican on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 05:21:58 AM PDT

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