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  •  Look at the difference in the searches ... (4+ / 0-)

    In Watertown, they had enough cops, in full military gear and using military tactics, to search every house, top to bottom, in a matter of hours. (Except the house where the suspect was hiding, apparently.)

    Meanwhile, an industrial location in Texas, with enough explosives to blow away the whole town, hadn't been inspected in nearly 30 years. Even though every farmer in the area had to know what was being stored there; hell, the tanks were right out there in the yard. And all this next door to schools, playgrounds, nursing homes, apartments, and hospitals.

    The powers-that-be expected -- ordered, actually -- all the citizens of Watertown to surrender their rights to privacy because two dangerous nutjobs were on the loose. But conservatives and libertarians recoil in horror at the thought that "job creators" -- who provided 8 freaking jobs at that fertilizer storage yard -- might be asked to abide by common-sense safety regulations.

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