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  •  Considering the Amount of Structures Leveled (11+ / 0-)

    It is hard to believe that more didn't die. No new deaths have been reported in the past two days but various reports put the missing at between 40 and 60. Hopeful people hypothesis that because they lost their homes they aren't really missing but moved somewhere else. I think that is kind of a stretch.

    •  and those people (3+ / 0-)
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      who moved to new homes without a word to family, friends of co-workers,  were so busy watching the coverage of the Marathon Bombers, they didn't realize people in their small town were looking for them and should check in.

      DeNial is right next door to West, Texas, I guess.  You're right, that is a stretch by authorities to avoid answering with the truth, some much was obliterated we can't say they are dead because we can't find enough to identify 'people'.

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