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    I'm just pointing out what the State Dept's role is.

    Corporations and Defense Industry pay millions to put people in Congress to do their bidding.

    Congress then pressures the administration to do the bidding of 'the people'.

    So our State Department is nothing but a front for our corporations for three main items:

    1. Selling American war shit (like F-15s to Saudi Arabia).
    2. Finding countries like Nigeria that our oil companies can operate freely without concerns of 'environment or social' issues.
    3. Finding ways to put puppets in countries like Venezuela that don't follow #2.

    I thought Kerry would change my belief in the basic value of the State Dept, but it didn't take long for him to show he is just another in a long line of rich arrogant dickheads that are nothing other than snake oil salesmen for the billions in arm trades and billions in oil profits.

    But no, it is not idiotic. It is a well oiled machine that has made many a company rich as shit at the expense of peace, the environment, and the future of our planet.

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