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  •  Exactly. What Dowd and others fail to mention.. (5+ / 0-) that the vote still would have "failed", 59-41, even with Democratic unanimity.

    Fact of the matter is that over 90% of Senate Democrats voted for the bill, and over 90% of Senate Republicans voted against it.

    So which party best represents the American people's will, and which party does not?  The math is very simple.

    The GOP owns this failure, like so many others.  Maybe Dowd's point is that Obama needs to make them own it...very publicly and very harshly.  And he doesn't need to "stroke" them, as Dowd stupidly suggested; he needs to publicly pummel them and shame them, by name.  Repeatedly.  It is beyond pointless for him to show the GOP any more good will, because the GOP has made it a political strategy from Day 1 to show him and, by extension, the American people, none at all.

    The GOP needs to be branded the pariah party that it is. It is truly a party that could give a shit about doing what's best for most Americans.

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