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    If that makes you feel better, than go ahead and feel that way.

    Let's remember that the media is telling everyone that Obama NEVER reached out to the GOP prior to the last month of 1:1 dinners, lunches and meetings.

    Now you're telling everyone that he was too nice and too accommodating early on.

    This fascination with trying to explain everything wrong with DC by analyzing Obama's every more is irritating.

    It's really very simple.

    The GOP lost its marbles with the Palin / McCain campaign against the black man from Africa who claims to be born in HI in 2008.

    Ever since then, the GOP has been owned & operated by rich white men who feel that Obama and Libs are anti-American and illigitimate.

    You can play nice if you want. You can holler and scream if you want.

    It won't make ANY DIFFERENCE.

    For you or Maureen Dowd to believe otherwise makes you simply delusional.


    •  Kind of late... (0+ / 0-)

      but your argument is there is no counterstrategy to intransigence.

      That is false.  My point was about the early admin.  And unless you forgot, that was when Congress was dominated by Dems.  So focusing on Republicans and lobbyists was not the only option at the time.  

      I don't have time to list them, but it is simply not true that the best approach was to accept compromise and exercise no exhibition of political principle and power.  

      We will have to simply disagree about how one leverages major political support to move policy.  There is actually a case to be made the President perfectly used his power and got what he wanted in most cases.  But the optics make it more difficult to garner support for these types of issues.  We really will never know.

      It is what it is.

      "Small Businesses Don't Build Levees" - Melissa Harris Perry

      by justmy2 on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 07:51:57 AM PDT

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