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View Diary: In West, Texas, They Ran In To the Fire (166 comments)

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  •  may these souls find meet companions in (13+ / 0-)

    the lands of endless summer, and may the memories in which they are cherished be filled always with love, with tenderness, and with joy.

    May strength and peace find those whose lives are now indelibly marked by their loss.

    May every single one of us aspire to run toward the fire, should the need arise.

    Tonight, amid the tears, within the sadness, for each and every one of these men who so loved their home, their families, their neighbors, that they never hesitated to run toward the fire, we are humbled by your courage, we are aching for your loss, and we are proud to have known you as our neighbors, our family, and our friends.

    Rest in peace. Wait for us, beyond the rainbow. Know that you are honored, loved, and remembered.

    LBJ, Lady Bird, Van Cliburn, Ike, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan, Molly Ivins, Sully Sullenburger, Drew Brees: Texas is NO Bush League!

    by BlackSheep1 on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 09:25:45 PM PDT

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