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View Diary: No Charges for Pepper-Spraying and Sucker-Punching Cops (138 comments)

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    I see the semantics and the phenomenology of this as a "Rule of Law" issue.

    In the United States, we are seeing wider swaths of the most powerful people, institutions, corporations etc. acting above the law with full knowledge that their criminality will go unpunished.

    Conversely, many within our society are subjected to either the abuses of those who are above the law and/or we are subjected to selective enforcement of laws and legal process to which other elements of society are totally immune.  

    A police officer criminally assaulting a protester/voter/citizen etc. - knowing that he is above the law and unanswerable to laws that, ostensibly apply to all of us -- is a gross demonstration of the bigger problem.

    -- Religion is like sodomy: both can be harmless when practiced between consenting adults but neither should be imposed upon children.

    by Caoimhin Laochdha on Sun Apr 21, 2013 at 06:15:21 PM PDT

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