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  •  Happy Monday! (23+ / 0-)

    No, really. I feel better this morning than I have in weeks. And it's all because we had such a great weekend with Grog fam at the Dauphine.

    Cheers to beautiful Missouri. I forget how lush, green and lovely it can be. Central MO is so scenic.

    Cheers to Grog and the Mrs. and all the fur kids. They treated us so well. Great food, drink, conversations. The Dauphine is lovely. One of the best "hotel" beds I've ever slept in. I can't find enough stars to give it.

    Cheers to finally getting to meet my cat-boyfriend in person.
     photo 079be281-e4ee-42d0-b06d-f1730a298105_zpsca98e5c4.jpg
    This is me booping Hendrix's nose. He was never terribly impressed with me (as you would expect of a cat of his quality).
     photo 026_zps88a9c5f3.jpg
    Finally I resorted to treats in order to get some close time with him. That was modestly pleasing to HRH Hendrix.
    And you will see it here! Hendrix has foot fluff AND jellybean toes!!
     photo 128_zpsecd1cb38.jpg

    And you know how Grog is always talking about what redneck, middle of no where his stomping grounds are? Don't fall for it. Sure, it's middle of no where and perhaps there were a lot of people driving around in ATVs, but it is neat as a pin and scenic. I know small town Missouri!! It's not usually this historic, neat and just down-right quaint.
     photo 112_zps40c5adeb.jpg
     photo 109_zpsfa01f724.jpg

    GO! Just go visit them at the Dauphine if you possibly can. Mr. M and I had a wonderful time and I feel recharged and have great memories. We are hoping to visit again later this year with Mom and Sis. We at least want to make the visit an annual event.

    Cheers lovely folks!

    "Even in the wizarding world, hearing voices isn't good."

    by SnoKat on Mon Apr 22, 2013 at 06:37:37 AM PDT

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